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My cat, Freddie often tends to go missing for a few days, but always comes back perfectly fine. This time, though, he came back limping, starving, and dehydrated.

He refuses to eat, even though he shows signs of clearly wanting the food we offer him (normal dry food, wet food, tuna, baby food, meat), and at first, he wouldn’t drink water either. We’ve been feeding him baby food with an eyedropper, but he dislikes that quite a bit, and it’s definitely not feeding him enough.

And now it seems to have gotten worse. He’s coughing every few minutes, and there seemed to be a bloody-looking mucus coming from his mouth earlier.

He needs to get to the vet, ASAP, but we don’t currently have the money to pay for a visit and treatment.

(pictures are most recent, to oldest)

Donate here, or PLEASE, PLEASE pass this around wherever and however you can.

I’d really like this to reach today, if it can. He needs to get to the vet as soon as possible.


The captain of the Titanic must have been like “I nominate all the passengers tonight for the ice bucket challenge”.

dylan’s new haircut


Do you ever just finish a book and scream to yourself “THIS CAN’T BE THE END”

New stills of The Maze Runner


This place isn’t a prison, it’s a    T E S T

All hell can’t stop us now




I normally wouldn’t do this but I’m in a competition TO MEET ED SHEERAN OR WIN A SIGNED CD AND I FREAKING LOVE HIM! 

so could you maybe vote for me?? you have to have facebook but it doesn’t publish anything on your timeline. 

the link is here (I’m jolien ) just click on the little heart :) 

if you don’t find me on this link just try to find me somewhere on the list, it probably means I’ve moved forward on the list :)

so yeah please??? (if you do this I’ll give you anything you want, a promo, a cookie, my firstborn,…) just send me an ask :)

and if you could please spread the word that’d be fantastic and i’d love you forever. :)


"but which one of your favorite characters is your absolute favorite?”